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Press Release


Author Diagnosed with Asperger’s only Three Years Ago, Writes Series to Help the Dyslexic and Bullied

Atlanta, GA United States of America

          Born in a world before such things as Asperger’s, now known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and ADHD, I spent my youth being abused. I was not only bullied on a daily basis, but also sexually abused for three years on a school bus, by a high school student, while I was only in the third grade. As I grew older, the physical abuse also turned into mental abuse, again daily. I have since been diagnosed with PTSD, not from war, but from school. I was diagnosed with depression in 2006, then ADHD in 2011, and finally ASD in June 2017. Being diagnosed with ASD was the best day of my life. I know knew what was different with my mind and was given the proper medication and mental tools control myself and my thoughts. In doing so, I have been able to create this series.

         This year, 2020, has been a hard year for many authors and publishers, but I have managed to make the most of being stuck at home in quarantine and self isolation. So far this year I have had two Live Radio interviews on the “Chat and Spin Radio,” in the UK, one of April 10, 2020 and the other on May 4, 2020. I actually did leave my initial live interview with them on December 7, 2019. My most recent interview was with Pratik Mishta with Books & Nostalgia Podcast in India on July 28, 2020, where we were able to talk about my past with being bullied and being a survivor. Praytik was wanting to hopefully learn some things I did in order to be able to help others in Indias with Depression and being bullied. It is such a great interview. It is an hour long, but it has real emotion and raw feelings during and after it was over. Its well worth the watch. I do hope he found something he can use from me to help others in India.

          “Saving History Series” is written in a way to help others read, who may have had a hard time before due to reading disorders like dyslexia, ASD, or many other disorders. I myself have dyslexia, so I know how my mind works with ASD, therefor my writing style is based on the facts that I actually know. I have been on the “Talk of Alabama” twice, once on September 17, 2018 and this last time on March 14, 2019, to promote book 1 “Time Keeper” and book 2 “School Bound.” I have had 3 book signings at Barnes & Noble in Birmingham, AL the Summit location. 

          Not only have I been on a morning show, but I have also been on ABC33/40 on August 29, 2017, for a humanitarian interview. I reached out to my friends that runs a Charity in Alabama to see if there was anything we could do in Birmingham, AL, to get supplies and aides to Houston, TX, after Hurricane Harvey flooded the apartment community I just left to move to Birmingham, just 2 months prior. I want my books to also help save victims of being bullied. I also have two suicide victims in my series, with their families permission, because I felt it would help them if they know their child was no longer a victim, but forever character, and I can tell you that it has help them. I also want people to know that only you hold yourself back, and. If I can survive being bullied, they can to, and they are not alone, like I was.